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A high nutritional value multi-vitamin supplement for skin and coat regeneration in dogs. It contains high amounts of Vitamin A, E, biotin and spirulina (blue-green algae) which are important elements for maintaining healthy skin and coat.

Regular use accelerates the regeneration process of the skin and coat while treating problems such as broken hair, cracked nails, dandruff­, itching and rashes. The spirulina content helps your dog receive sufficient amounts of iodine which is important to avoid developmental nerve damage in the fetuses of pregnant dogs.

The combination of biotin and spirulina results in bright pigmentation. This product is recommended for both grown dogs and puppies in cases of dermatitis, eczema, hair loss and spreading of Demodex. It helps reduce the chances of skin allergies.

Package size: 60 tablets

Recommended daily dose: 1 tablet / day

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