FitActive NEXT 5 Reds

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Hypoallergenic dry food for adult dogs. Created by animal nutritionists for a well-balanced diet. Special joint protection with no added sugar.

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FitActive NEXT 5 Reds with Cranberries is a super high-quality dry food, ideal for adult family dogs of all sizes. 

Natural ingredients only – Complete dog food, with no artificial ingredients, no color or flavor enhancers, GMO-free

Low grain, rich in animal protein – No soy, no corn, no wheat. Contains min. 70% animal protein

Hypoallergenic, Low Grain – No chicken content. Rice and sorghum are gluten-free, optimal sources of carbohydrates. Dogs sensitive to poultry and cereals can safely consume this product

Ideal balance – Optimal balance of animal ingredients for easy digestion and optimal intake of amino acids and Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids

Joint protection – Contains glucosamine for effective support of the joints.

Ingredients: Meat and animal derivatives (dehydrated Beef min 14%, dehydrated Lamb min 4%, dehydrated Wild Boar min 4%, dehydrated Buffalo min 4%, dehydrated Salmon min 4%, beef tallow 9%), red sorghum, rice, dietary fiber, spinach, cranberry, F.O.S., glucosamine, Anisi fructus, Sambuci flos, Menthae pip.folium, Melissae herba, Urticae folium, Cinnamomi cortex, Cardui mariae fructus



Crude Protein (%) Oils and Fats (%) Crude ash (%) Crude fiber (%) Moisture (%)
25.00% 14% 10.00% 2,7% 10.00%.


Vitamins and minerals: Calcium: 1,49%, Phosporus: 0,95%, Selenium: 0,10mg/kg, vitamin-A: 13750IU/kg, vitamin E: 77,00mg/kg

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Additional information

Weight 15.5 kg

Fit Active NEXT


medium breed




beef, buffalo, lamb, salmon, wild boar


15kg, 3kg


hypoallergenic, joint protection, low grain

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