FitActive NEXT Puppy Lamb & Cranberry

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Hypoallergenic dry food for puppies. Created by animal nutritionists for a well-balanced diet. Special joint protection with no added sugar.

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A complete, ideally balanced, super-premium quality dry food for puppies and growing dogs who deserve only the best. FitActive NEXT provides all the ingredients, including essential vitamins and minerals, to ensure your dog has a steady growth and stands out among the rest with superior fitness and health.

We use only premium quality lamb, the first key ingredient, which is the ideal protein source and provides all essential amino acids. The second key ingredient, fish, is rich in long-chain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and are responsible for maintaining your dog’s coat’s health and beauty. Cranberry, the third key ingredient, is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and polyphenols. Flavonoids have a vasoprotective effect and help prevent urinary tract infections. Polyphenols are antioxidants; they boost the immune system, aid in detoxification and cell regeneration. The Chondroitin and Glucosamine content helps promote healthy joints.

100% Natural – Does not contain artificial ingredients, color, flavor enhancers nor GMO ingredients.

Low Grain, High Protein – Does not contain corn, wheat nor oats. Contains 70% animal protein.

Hypoallergenic – The main components are LAMB and FISH (animal source), rice and sorghum (plant source) – alll hypoallergenic. So dogs who are allergic to poultry and grains can safely consume this product.

Joint Protection – Provides nutrition for join protection which is important for puppies, working, overweight and senior dogs.

FitActive NEXT was voted as a TWO PAWS UP PRODUCT by dog-owners who monitored their pets’ reactions during the feedings.

Ingredients: Meat and animal derivatives (dehydrated Fish  min 21%, dehydrated Lamb min 12%, beef tallow 10%), red sorghum, rice, cranberry, F.O.S., glucosamine, yucca mojave.



Crude Protein (%) Oils and Fats (%) Crude ash (%) Crude fiber (%) Moisture (%)
28.00% 16.00% 8.00% 1.30% 10.00%.


Vitamins and minerals: Calcium: 1,29%, Phosporus: 0,89%, Selenium: 0,10mg/kg, vitamin-A: 13750IU/kg, vitamin E: 77,00mg/kg

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Additional information

Weight 15.5 kg

Fit Active NEXT


large breed, medium breed, small breed


puppy & junior


fish, lamb


15kg, 3kg


hypoallergenic, joint protection, low grain

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