JULIUS-K9® Rabbit & Rosemary

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Created by animal nutritionists to provide healthy grain-free kibble for a well-balanced diet, ideal for race dogs. Special joint protection recipe with no added sugar.

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Race dogs are subjected to short, sporadic bursts of intense activity which may range from morning runs with their athletic owners to professional greyhound racing. They need to have high stamina, strong muscles and the agility to outperform their competition. Due to the nature of their work, these dogs need higher protein and fat content apart from special nutrients to help them recover and rebuild damaged tissue.

JULIUS-K9® Race Dog is formulated with rabbit which is a high-protein meat source rich in vitamin B12 which is essential for cell growth and regeneration. Rosemary is a Mediterranean herb that has bacteria-fighting, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties apart from being able to help strengthen the heart and aid digestion.


Meat and animal derivatives (rabbit meal min.2%, fish meal min. 2%, poultry meal min.26%), Potato, Peas, lentils (red, yellow, green), cranberry beans, kidney beans, horse beans, dietary fibre, F.O.S., dried alfalfa, rosemary, Dried spinach, tomato, brewer’s yeast, yucca mojave, glucosamine, Anisi fructus, Sambuci os, Menthae pip.folium, Melissae herba, Urticae folium, Cinnamomi cortex, Cardui mariae fructus.

Analytical Composition

Crude protein 30.00%, Fats and Oils 18.00%, Crude fiber 6.00%, Crude ash: 7.50%, Humidity: max 10.00%

Additional information

Additional information

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grain-free, joint protection


Julius K9


medium breed




poultry, rabbit


10kg, 340g

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