JULIUS-K9® Wild Boar & Berry

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Hypoallergenic, grain-free dry food for adult dogs, created by animal nutritionists for a well-balanced diet. Special joint protection with no added sugar.

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Working dogs need to maintain their energy, strength and focus over long periods of sustained activity. Their owners depend on them to efficiently perform at their tasks which include security, pulling sleds, and protecting livestock. Due to their work, these dogs need stronger muscle mass. They are more prone to injuries, infections and joint problems. Many of these specific breeds are also prone to allergies to common dog food ingredients.

JULIUS-K9® Utility Dog Wild Boar & Berry consists of a blend of premium protein derived from hypoallergenic sources: wild boar, beef, lamb and fish. Cranberries provide the antioxidants and nutrients needed to support your dog’s immune system, help improve bladder health, reduce tartar and plaque growth and may help in preventing certain types of cancer. The optimal combination of vitamins, herbs and red meat proteins increases your dog’s concentration.


Meat and animal derivatives (Wild boar meal min.3%, Fish meal min.7%, Lamb meal min. 6%, Beef meal min.7%), Potato, Peas, lentils (red, yellow, green), cranberry beans, kidney beans, horse beans, dietary fibre, F.O.S., dried alfalfa, rosemary, brewer’s yeast, cranberry, yucca mojave, glucosamine, Anisi fructus, Sambuci os, Menthae pip.folium, Melissae herba, Urticae folium, Cinnamomi cortex, Cardui mariae fructus.

Analytical Composition

Crude protein: 22.00%, Fats and Oils: 12.00%, Crude fiber: 8.00%, Crude ash: 8.00%, Moisture Content: max 10.00%

Additional information

Additional information

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grain-free, hypoallergenic, joint protection


Julius K9


medium breed




buffalo, lamb, wild boar


10kg, 340g, 3kg

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